Nekronoid is a great and original brick breaking game, with a sinister look & feel and a gloomy atmosphere.

Play as a necromancer with thirst for revenge who will use every weapon and power in his hands to destroy everything in his way!

Get thrilled with the sinister look & feel an a dark atmosphere. Exclusive dark music to get a gloomy ambience on the game. Immerse yourself in a dark magic driven brick breaking adventure!

Take advantage of all the dark magic spells available to destroy the blocks. Also get all the powerups to improve the necromancer skull, either increasing its size, its velocity, or reducing the ball's velocity. But take care! Don't pick up bad potions or you will struggle to get through the stages!

Try to get all the rewards dropped by the blocks to rate all the stages with 3 stars. Find all the possible items in the game, there are several different powerups apart from the spells: rings, muccus potion, spoon... find them and be surprised with it's effects!

With 60 levels, more than 34 different blocks with different materia resistances, remarkable particle effects and an online score system to compete with your friends and people all around the world. Get it on your Android phone now and have lots of fun!