Katacomb Studios was founded in 2014 by two brothers with a great passion for games.

With an academic background in application development and artistic design and composition, we started making simple games to learn all the process of game development, to finally get on more ambitious and original projects.

For future projects, we will focus on gameplay, complemented with an original graphic design and a great atmospheric music, bringing new experiences to players all over the world.

The team

Carlos Yaque

Lead programmer

Trained by the fearsome warriors of an ancient tribe, this man is capable of finishing the life of any creature with his bare hands, even with only one hand, and if resolved with only a small glance with one of his four eyes (yeah that's right he has four eyes!)

Oscar Yaque

Graphic designer & Music/Sound composer

Raised by the mages of a distant land, he has gone victorious through every trial that crossed his path, crushing opponents with unnamable spells, resolving mind-tricking games, finishing kingdoms with everlasting fires... Don't mess with him either!